4 Mindful Habits To Cope With The Mental Effects Of Lockdown

Though we aren’t literally locked up, being socially isolated for months can still make you feel that way. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected our social life but also contaminated our mental health to a great extent. With a wave of negativity fueling the news, social media, and even our day-to-day conversations, it would be natural to develop a stigma about living on with the virus and being pessimistic about work and people.  As we find a plethora of content of cooking recipes for keeping our body fit and healthy during the lockdown, it is equally important to focus on what we feed our minds and monitor our habits that are influenced by it. 

Let’s take a look at every aspect of our social and personal life that is being affected during our social isolation period and look at the best mindful ways to deal with the problems that arise.

Staying Physically Healthy:

This might be the first thing that you learn about mental health, that it is majorly affected by your physical health. Being idle and focusing on negative things in life can make your mind develop more negative thoughts towards yourself and the world, which, in turn, will affect how you think and act generally. 

Remember, change of work is as good as rest. This is a time when you have to find ways to keep yourself busy with work, leisure, or mindful introspection. You can start a new hobby which you’ve always wanted to learn, or do play simple indoor games with your family. More importantly, create a new routine for this period where you can spend more time feeding positive and helpful things to your mind.

Observing Our Emotions:

We’re al facing unprecedented problems, either financial, social, or personal. And at times like these, one might become more anxious, irritable, depressed, or even suicidal. The only way to handle such emotions is to observe them and analyze their root cause. 

Whenever you feel a strong negative emotion, perform a mental backtrace to what exactly has caused that emotion and resolve that cause. It’s easier said than done, but practicing emotional control can greatly help you stay active and battle negative thoughts.

Discerning Right information From Wrong:

We’re spending more time reading the news and checking for updates than ever. And most of the information circulated is formed from speculations, factless predictions, or political hatred. Hence, reading the right information and avoiding hate-inciting and false information is the need of the hour.

You don’t have to know about every little piece of news, so only follow legitimate news outlets and consume only what is necessary. Don’t spend your day looking and talking about what’s happening around the world. Give credit to everything good that has been happening around you and keep your family educated and positive as well.

Being Mindful Towards The Society:

Instead of being paranoid and distant to the world around you, you can try to be helpful wherever and to whoever you can. A significant part of happiness lies in sharing it with others. Start with feeding a stray dog if you want.

If there are people who are ill or may have possible symptoms of COVID-19 infection, do not banish them, instead, take care of them with necessary precautions and help them get better. If there are people with existing mental problems like anxiety and depression, try to educate them about being mindful and make them feel positive. 

Remember, the more you help, the more you’ll contribute to your own positivity while you help the society fight the virus.

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