Warning Signs of Mental Illness – Know It Before It’s Too Late

Mental illness refers to a medical condition in which the individual’s way of thinking and behaving gets negatively impacted. It is often caused due to too much stress related to work, family, and social life. Mental illness should be considered as severe as physical illness. Seek immediate treatment or counseling with the best psychologist in Pune, as the mental illness is hard to detect since there are limited signs, symptoms, and the causes are often unclear. 

When to seek help?

The best psychiatric hospitals in Pune encourage people to open up about their problems. If they feel insecure or fear of being judged, there are many accomplished, professional, and friendly psychologists available worldwide who will listen to your thoughts and guide you towards a motivated and confident life. 

Sadly, people fail to notice the initial signs and symptoms of mental illness. One reason for this can be that; there are no bruises, external bleeding, or visible marks to measure the degree of pain and suffering of the individual. Mental illness affects your brain and nervous system. The way you feel about yourself and how you see the world speaks volumes about your mental health. Expert counseling will help you prevent the extreme result of mental illness, which includes suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, delusions, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, heart attack, and neurocognitive disorders.

Some of the initial signs and symptoms of mental illness include:

  • Changes in sleep pattern: Irregular sleep, waking up at midnight, finding difficulty sleeping again, or insomnia is the initial symptoms of a growing mental illness.
  • Changes in weight pattern: Dramatic weight loss or excess weight gain can also be the symptom of mental illness.
  • Mood changes: Depressed feeling, sadness that goes and comes back without any reason, or dramatic shifts in emotions
  • Changes in social life: losing interest in socializing or communicating with people, avoiding things that once made you happy
  • Quits: An unusual behaviour of quitting sports, studies, school, college, or work without any future thoughts
  • Problem in thinking: unable to focus on one thing, unable to concentrate, think logically, or explain what’s going on inside your mind?
  • Increased sensitivity: The other senses are heightened such as the sense of smell, hearing, or touch; inability to react on something can also indicate a growing mental illness
  • Feeling disconnected: A sudden feeling of being disconnected from people around you or a sense of insecurity that no one loves you can be a sign of poor mental health.
  • Illogical thoughts: An unusual or exaggerated belief in superpowers, magic, or a strong influence of a past incident on your mind
  • Nervousness: A fear of suspiciousness or insecurity 

These symptoms alone may not be a sign of mental illness, but they indicate a future evaluation. If the person gets suicidal thoughts, thought of harming others, or unsafe thoughts, immediately consult a psychiatrist in town. Mental illness is curable; all you need to do is talk to an expert. You can book your appointment with Dr. Manish Bajpayee, Pune’s leading psychiatrist and expert counselor for mental health disorders.  

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