How to take care of your mental health during the COVID-19 crisis?

If it’s already too late and you cannot get rid of the feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, and being isolated, immediately call Dr. Manish Bajpayee, a well-renowned psychologist in Pune. He will listen to your problems and help you restore a vision towards your life. 

As the entire country is advised to follow lockdown guidelines to keep people safe, there has been a surge in people suffering from mental health conditions. Depression, feeling hopeless, helpless, and self-isolation are common in every age group. 

Children are suddenly restricted from going outdoors, visiting friends, playing at the ground, or going to school /tuitions. This lockdown has made it difficult for the children to live within the walls of their home. 

Adults are confined to work from home, which gives them some relief and a routine life up to a great extent. However, this is not the case for everyone. Some people are jobless, running out of business profits, deduction in their pay-cheque, and being deprived of incentives and bonuses. Such crisis is a once in a lifetime experience for many millennials. Therefore, nobody knows how to deal with this crisis. 

Things are worst for old age people, as the country faced the highest affected case among older people with a poor immune system or a pre-existing medical condition. They are deprived of walking in the park, visiting family and friends, or engaging in any group activities for their well-being. 

The feeling of uncertainty and a happiness deprived life has taken an enormous toll on our physical, mental, and social health. 

The economy has hit its worst in history. People live in constant fear of joblessness, lack of new skills, lack of business opportunities, and lack of sufficient pay-cheque. 

The Foreseeable Future

Experts from leading psychiatric hospitals in Pune have stated that more and more people will grow sad and unhappy with their life in the coming days and months. Worrying about the unknown yet deadly virus and life around these circumstances will deprive people of a good sleep cycle, which may further lead to emotional exhaustion, fatigue, and loss of purpose in life. 

It no longer matters which demographic, caste, religion, or race you belong to; you are susceptible to the COVID-19 disease if you are not self-aware. In this blog, Dr. Manish Bajpayee has tried to help people deal with this situation, give their life a purpose, and help them cope with the virus and its aftermaths.

How to keep your mental health in check during the lockdown and COVID-19 situation?

There are elementary things you need to pay attention to reclaim your lost energy. Following these tips and advises will help you and your loved ones come out of hopelessness and negative thoughts. 

Get up and Exercise 

Gyms and clubhouses are closed. Therefore, many people gave up on regular exercises and preferred lying down in one position with their mobile phones in hand. You need to get up and bring your body back in motion. 

Sign up for a virtual Yoga session. Ask your friends to join so that each one of you can motivate each other. Connect with an online fitness influencer who can prepare a routine workout, exercises, yoga poses, and diet chart to keep your body weight checked. 

If you don’t want to invest money in the fitness classes, make sure you climb the stairs 3-4 times every day and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Do simple stretching exercises by learning from free social media channels on YouTube.

Minimize Your Screen Time

If you are stuck alone in a different city or state, we understand that mobile phones and laptop screens are your only medium to keep yourself engaged throughout the day. However, excess screen time can damage your eyes, cause insomnia, digestive disorder, and an impulsive brain. Seeing other people having fun with family and friends will trigger sadness and unhealthy comparisons, which further destroys your mental peace and productivity for the entire day. 

Spend more time learning new skills such as cooking, singing, gardening, reading, and writing. Instead of buying groceries online, walk down the streets (take necessary precautions) to buy food items. Look out of social media and do something productive for yourself. 

Connect with your friends and family via zoom calls and Whatsapp calls for free. In short, stay in touch with people who are a good influence on your brain rather than those who make you feel low about yourself. 

Limit your alcohol and cigarette consumption

It gets quite tempting to smoke or drink alcohol to kill the boredom. However, these bad habits make your body more susceptible to the virus.  Instead, you can meditate, listen to good music, or read something to surpass the boredom. 

Moreover, alcohol and drugs disrupt your mind and make you have impaired judgments and negative perceptions about life, health, and life goals. 

Talk to Someone

If you feel like nobody can understand what you are going through, take out your mobile phone, dial a psychiatrist, and talk to him. A psychiatrist is an educated, skilled, and well-trained expert who can decode your feelings and create a positive perception of your life. Whether you are dealing with emotional trauma, divorce, unemployment, or loss of life ambitions, talking and sharing your feelings with someone will empower your thoughts and bring you out of the negative, irrational thoughts.

To get rid of the negative thoughts and boredom, you can also engage with charity and donations. Doing charity in your neighborhood will give you a feeling of relaxation, fulfillment, and a new perspective towards life. 

You may be feeling hopeless and helpless, but many living beings still need your support, love, and care. To get rid of emotional trauma or negative thoughts, Dr. Manish Bajpayee is just a phone call away to resolve your problems.

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