Internet Addiction Treatment In Pune

The biggest problem to overcome with respect to treatment of an internet addict is the denial of the problem by the person about the issue. Quite similar to alcoholic addiction, even in internet addiction, the self-realization should first be felt by the internet addict that he or she needs help.

It is a general belief that if one has to overcome internet addiction, one just need to unplug the computer, remove the modem wire or just throw away the computer. But one need not resort to such extreme steps as the computer and internet is a very beneficial and resourceful tool if put to proper use. One has to learn to strike the perfect balance between using internet and other life related activities. The treatment for internet addiction is on the same lines as provided for eating disorders or for managing alcoholic programs. The Internet addiction treatment method is to focus on factors that trigger the overindulgence behaviour and relearn to use the same at a moderate level.

Unlike other addictions like alcoholism, internet addiction does not need any one to give up the habit for a healthy and life improvement recovery. To aid the process of recovery, there are different practical techniques and tools available which if a person adheres to sincerely can easily overcome the internet addiction.

Techniques that help in overcoming Internet Addiction:

  • Doing the opposite to disrupt the normal routine by engaging in new or novel use of time patterns with an aim to overcome the online habit is the goal of this exercise.
  • Using prompter’s to aid log off. Say for instance if a student has to go to college at 7.30, he or she should log off at 6.30 giving him or her enough time to quit.
  • Programming structured sessions by formulating achievable goals say 10 hours instead of 20 hours and then re-scheduling the allotted time into time bound slots by jotting them down on a weekly planner or calendar.
  • Restraining from an application say a chat or game where the person has exceeded the moderation level.
  • Use of reminder cards to enable to stay focussed on the gaol.

The patient would also be asked to make an inventory chart to list out all activities that he or she has missed right from the right from the time of addiction to the online habit to make him or her become aware of the activities he or she has lost and to rekindle the same. Encouraging support groups and family therapy are also other successful measures adopted and encouraged to help overcome internet addiction.