Personality Disorder Treatment In Pune

The treatment for personality disorder depends on the specific type of personality disorder that a person has, his or her life situation and the seriousness of the disorder. Generally a team effort and approach is required to meet the medical, psychiatric and social needs. In certain severe cases, personality disorders requiring long time treatment stretching too many months and even years.

The team providing treatment would generally involve the following members:

  • Primary Doctor or a primary care provider.
  • Psychiatric Nurse
  • Psychiatrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Psychologist or a therapist
  • Social Worker

Those having mild symptoms of personality disorder that are well within control may need treatment only from a primary care provider or primary doctor or a therapist or a psychiatrist. A mental health professional possessing good experience would be the perfect person to provide treatment for personality disorder. There are some leading and reputed psychiatrists providing good Personality Disorder Treatment in Pune. Dr. Manish Bajpayee is one of them. Talk therapy also known as Psychotherapy is the primary method adopted to treat personality disorders.

What exactly is Psychotherapy?

In a Psychotherapy session, a patient gets a chance to talk his heart out to a mental health professional or psychiatrist and share his condition such as his or her feelings, mood swings, thoughts and behaviour. He or she even gets a chance to learn to cope with the stress experienced by him or her and manage the same effectively.

Depending on which psychotherapy session would suit a patient best, a psychiatrist may call a patient for either a personal session or a group therapy session. In certain cases, sessions involving friends and families would also be carried out. Certain therapies would also include social skill training to enable the patient to gain healthy insight and knowledge to combat the symptoms and overcome the behaviour that causes hurdle in relationships and better functioning.


There is no prescribed medicines approved by Food and Drug Administration for treating Personality Disorders but certain types of Psychiatric medications have been of great help in treating several personality disorder symptoms. Anti depressant, Mood Stabilizers, Anti anxiety medications and Anti psychotic medications are some of them.

Severe cases of personality disorder where the patient is incapable of taking care of self or is in danger of harming someone or himself may require hospitalization of the patient for better psychiatric care. Once stable, the patient would be shifted to a day hospital program or residential program or to an outpatient department.