Social Anxiety Treatment In Pune

Feeling anxious in a crowded or a public place or when meeting someone for the first time or while performing on stage is quite normal for adults as well as children. But social anxiety disorder or social phobia occurs when this anxiety is at a little greater level. When it is, it may require treatment via products from or from other methods as prescribed by a doctor. The symptom of social anxiety disorder is generally seen in following ways:

  • Blushing
  • Shaky or trembling voice
  • Difficulty in speaking or communicating
  • Clammy or moist and sweaty hands

In the case of social phobia, the anxiety level experienced by an individual tends to start interfering with his or her everyday activity and life thus sometimes even leading to Agoraphobia. But this does not mean that the person has to suffer with this problem for his or her entire life. Often, people looking for anxiety relief may turn to CBD products for help with this, and water-soluble options are becoming increasingly popular (like this – because of the purported ability to be absorbed by the body faster than an oil. Cannabis-based products are believed to be one of the best ways to cope with social anxiety, so many people have been investing in this method. If people wanted to try a different method of taking cannabis, they could consider smoking it directly by finding an appropriate strain from The Herb Centre, for example. This should help people to feel completely relaxed in social situations, reducing their nerves and making them a lot more comfortable. Hopefully, more people will be able to combat their social anxiety by using methods like these.

Social phobia treatment or Social anxiety treatment if taken at the right time can prove very effective. The social phobia treatment in Pune provided by Dr. Manish Bajpayee has helped many people suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD) to lead a better life.

How is Social Anxiety Disorder Treated?

Most of the time it is found that minor cases of anxiety disorders tend to disappear on its own but in severe cases of social anxiety disorder, treatment is necessary. Though no specific cure for social anxiety disorder has been found yet, treatment is available which is found to offer relief and even work for many people suffering from severe anxiety disorder.

The treatment for social phobia involves different types of medication. The period of treatment could be either short term or long-term depending on how severe it is. But generally it is found that in most cases long-term use of medications proves effective in treating the social anxiety disorder. Antidepressant, Benzodiazepines, Anti-anxiety, anticonvulsants, and D-Cycloserine are some of the medications provided to treat social phobia disorders. Some people also use CBD products found on a website like, as a way of relieving anxiety, but this is completely optional. If you’re suffering from anxiety, it’s important that you find a treatment that works for you and your lifestyle.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an equally effective method to treat social phobia disorders in adults as well as children and it includes the below mentioned:

  • Prompt behavioural learning
  • Positive Reinforcement Therapy
  • Desensitization
  • Watching parents and therapist and thus learning to act in a specific situation.
  • Learning social skills as well as social problem solving

CBT or cognitive Behavioral Therapy is better effective in treating Social anxiety disorders as compared to interpersonal therapy.